Services Provided

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  • We begin with a consultation where you decide which items will be for sale.
  • We then price your items and advertise through local papers as well as social media which includes our facebook page and website and send an email blast to our sizable email list.
  • We strategically place signs in the community to ensure maximum exposure. 
  • We continue to merchandise and stage throughout the sale with a design aesthetic that compliments your items.
  • We can arrange for your house to be completely empty and broom swept, ready to be delivered, if necessary.





  • By definition, a demolition sale is an opportunity to buy miscellaneous parts of a home or building before it is demolished. We conduct demolition sales as well as renovation sales. A renovation sale is when, for example, the homeowner is only renovating the first floor.
  • Our team from ZAPCO Construction, a local licensed and insured contractor helps facilitate the removal of sold items at no cost to you! ZAPCO will consult with the architect if need be and go over what can and can not be sold.
  • Items we sell at a demo sale include refrigerators, stoves, washer/dryer, toilets, light fixtures, windows, doors, hardware, floors, trim, mechanics of the home i.e.. boiler, heating and AC Units; central vac, pool equipment, landscaping, stone.
  • A demolition sale is beneficial in many ways. For one, it lowers the cost of demolition as well as generate money. from a recycling perspective it is always better to re-use and re-purpose rather than filling the land fills. 



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